Collaborate with clients and their architects to develop comprehensive master plans.
Work with homeowners and or contractors to complete grading and landscaping post construction.
Site and plant privacy hedges and natural vegetative buffers.
Install ponds, water features and drywells.
Design and install meadows, orchards, herb gardens, cutting gardens, traditional borders, bird and butterfly gardens, water gardens, ornamental vegetable gardens.
Design and build decks, terraces, trellises, arbors, outdoor shower, shade structures potting sheds, pergolas.
Site and supervise the construction of swimming pools and fences.
Design and install attractive, permeable paving for driveways and parking areas.
Build stone retaining walls, natural stone and brick patios, terraces, and walkways.
Develop management plans to care for residential landscapes, provide scheduled maintenance including: weed control, pruning, deadheading perennials, fertilizing and mulching.
Remove and control invasive species using environmentally sensitive methods.
Design and implement wetland mitigation plans.
Plant appropriate native species in sensitive freshwater wetland or coastal areas.
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